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This week, August 12-16, I’ll be standing trial for fraud in Florida, and thus unable to bring you new words each day. In the meantime, please enjoy reposts of some of my best work. I’ll return Monday after these absurd charges have been rebuffed. Please do not hesitate to send me money in any amount, and it will help you more than it does me, and it shouldn’t need to be restated that the greater the amount, the greater the help to you will be.

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As people, we try to put a strong emphasis on maintaining our body, mind, and spirit. We try to eat right, exercise, learn new things, and live rightly as good people. We put these plans into effect by doing things like taking up cycling, learning to play an instrument, or reading daily meditations to guide us, but this is not all we must do to meet our own needs.

Power Words

Power Words

  We have other needs too. These needs are different, and we don’t usually feel inclined to brag about them, but satisfying them is equally important to keeping us centered and on the right track. That being said, we can take steps to fulfill these needs without judging or shaming ourselves, knowing that we’re only human (who would’ve guessed?).

  How do we treat ourselves to something, or, ‘blow off steam?’ The answers are as different as there are colors in the rainbow, but we have found that some things are common. Have we taken a day off work lately, just for us? Have we been getting enough fried food? When was the last time we drank to the point of memory-loss? Perhaps we take a trip all by ourselves to a far away casino, and proceed to lose money needed for other things, after which we can lie to our friends about where we went. If we’ve been feeling lonely, or a combination of aroused and lonely, we might seek the help of a professional sex-worker. Maybe there’s a new drug we’ve been wanting to try. For some of us, it might be as simple as picking a fight with a stranger. for others it will need to more complex, such as ripping down the signs a child has posted for their lost dog.

  No matter what the form, we can do our “thing” and return to life’s regular, ordinary responsibilities afresh, knowing that they are important, but a little fun is necessary every now and then too.

Power Words:

Today I will do something for me, and not worry what others might think. Because I will do my something in another town or neighborhood, where friends and colleagues won’t run into me.


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