Taking Action for Your Identity

How do we know who we are?

Sure, we can look in the mirror. We can read the information on our driver’s license. We can ask people, if they know us.

But very often, none of these will provide the kind of answer we’re looking for. The information we attain through the above methods is somehow not enough. Whether we realize it or not, I find most often in my work determining and outlining a person’s spiritual path, that the enough we search for simply isn’t there.


Rest easy. There are many people you can be, and the good news is that they all exist already. How do you dress yourself? For comfort? Style? What you personally think looks good? None of these are the correct approach. You’ll need to select a preordained identity outfit, most of which you’ll recognize. Some popular ones include Metal Fan, Outdoorsman/neo-hippie, Hipster, Surfer, etc. If you want to do it right, this won’t be cheap. Metal Fan (Correct, modestly-priced jeans and t-shirt, with optional accessories) is perhaps the cheapest, while any version of hippie is paradoxically the most expensive (though you’ll need to seem as though you don’t care how you look, $1000 worth of gear from Patagonia or The North Face is necessary).

And it’s really that simple. Once you’ve got the outfit on, everything else will follow. You will intuitively know which kind of music, politics, and hobbies you like. It will be clear who to date, and who to hate. Likeminded people will see you, and help you learn these things, fast!

This is what discovering who you are looks like, despite what my competitors may tell you. This is fact.

Power Words:

I can be anyone I want. All I need do is click add-to-cart.

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