Power Words for July the 20th: Dealing with Rejection

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Nobody likes getting the wrong answer. When an employer tells us we are not right for the position we seek, or someone we are attracted to refuses our offer of a nice date at Chili’s, it is normal to feel hurt. We stomp our feet, even if only in our own mind, and demand answers. Don’t I have an impressive resume, and nice personality? Didn’t I tell her she could order whatever she wanted from their elaborate menu? What’s wrong with me?

Power Words!

Don’t do anything rash, Ginger Geoff…

  The answer is nothing. Nobody always gets what they want, and those who seem to are hateable monsters. When we stubbornly refuse to accept this principle, we only make our situation worse. Our only healthy option is to go forward, seeking a new job prospect, or a new potential mate who would love to be our guest at California Pizza Kitchen. If we are willing to continue, we always find what we’re looking for.

  But what of those people who didn’t give us what we wanted? How do we make our peace with them? Quietly. We bear in mind that on a long enough timeline, life punishes all people. That boss who thought we didn’t measure up will eventually realize they are hopelessly confined to the world of middle management, contract an awful disease, or merely be confronted by the fact that their subordinates (fairly or unfairly) hate them. That date we sought will someday personally experience the universal truth that all old people are unattractive. The most vibrant, beautiful person in youth will one day be a disgusting ghoul, if they don’t die young. In either case, perhaps the subject of our resentment will just gain a lot of weight. The point is, bad things will eventually be visited upon anyone we dislike, because they await all people. We can resign ourselves to a quiet smile when we imagine these possibilities, and a humble one if we should hear about them, or run into a fat version of an old nemesis, knowing our own future is as bright as we choose for it to be.

Power Words:

Today I will know that I’m worth it, even if there are those who don’t realize it, and I will focus on me, leaving it up to life to punish them for their transgressions against me.


2 comments on “Power Words for July the 20th: Dealing with Rejection

  1. I feel a special connection with today’s entry. In the past, I’ve spent countless hours plotting elaborate revenge scenarios. I see now that this was a waste of time. One question, though: won’t I also be eventually punished by life, and if so, doesn’t my knowledge of that offset the comfort I gain from knowing my enemies will also be punished?

    • Thanks for commenting, Inspired.

      You raise a valid point, and a correct one. However, the satisfaction you attain from knowing your enemies will be punished is only as temporary as your time on this planet earth. Which is temporary. All of life is a waiting room shaped like the universe. We take the positive feelings while they’re here and enjoy them as a meal. The negative ones… we are fated to do the same, but we need not worry today about a wheel on our wagon just because we know it can’t last forever. You are a pterodactyl, and today you must soar.

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