How to Help Another Human Being

Walking to work this morning, I encountered a homeless man sprawled on the sidewalk. Laying on his back, he raised his head at me, and asked, “Can you help a man out, sir?” He was extending his open palm. A sort of crust covered most of the hand.

I began to ponder: how do we truly help another person?

I have, in my spiritual journey, always been taught (and tried to teach) that the most helpful thing I can do for myself is to help another person. When I simply sit with another person, and listen to him or her discuss their problems, I soon forget my own. This is the great lesson of life.

Remembering this lesson, I knew it was exactly what the situation called for. I sat beside the man and began to tell him of my woes. For starters, my hot tub has utterly ceased to work, and as it was created by a specialty firm in Corinth, I’ll have to wait four days for a repair crew to travel internationally. My problems with my home go much further though, as my in-home misters continue to generate problems with appliances, and I really need to enjoy both my electrically powered appliances and a fine mist of water falling on me at the same time.

The man seemed confused, then engaged, then shuffled off. I assume he felt better. I was very glad to help.

Power Words:

I’m happy to help you by taking your help so please proceed with giving me things. Praise our creator.

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