Power Words for July the 11th: Birth, and Rebirth: New Beginnings, and Beginnings Agains

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Sometimes we make a mess. We spill milk, break a heel, or burn every bridge in our personal life, while simultaneously wrecking our career.


These things can have us feeling pretty run-down. We replay the choices we’ve made over and over, wondering what we could’ve done differently, and circle the shame-drain in a whirlpool of self-kicks, kicking ourselves.

Nobody’s walking to Australia today. We’re only human. If a mistake were all it took to stop our journey, we’d have given up a long time ago.
Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we can always pause, take a deep breath, and give ourselves a fresh start; a blank page that brightly smiles back at us. Sometimes this is as simple deciding to change our attitude, and making a commitment to take positive action throughout our day. In other cases, we may need to attain a new identity, leave whatever place we call home, and never speak to the people there again, shutting our time with them away and keeping our former life a secret we take to the grave.
But these specifics aren’t important. No matter our situation, we can choose a fresh start knowing that we are worthy of being loved, and giving love. We deserve it!

Power Words:

Today is a new day. I will put on a clean shirt, smile at an animal or baby, and choose to feel brand-new!

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