My Humble Words for The Lower Classes

Sure, we can all look at a person like me and imagine, “What an admirable success story. No doubt he’s living a dream life that many will die long before achieving, or even nearing it.” I won’t deny that many days, this is exactly how it feels to be me. However, I have problems too. My life has it’s frustrations and road hurdles, and though they may not be same as yours, I am a human being with feelings that are.

Recently, I was convicted of fraud. This was the result of a long-term effort by people who are ignorant of the hope and change that my message can bring, specifically the Opacopa County, Florida Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s office, and also the residents of Pine Gators Senior Living. The latter group perhaps meaning no harm, but seeking to lay at my feet their own inability to read contracts thoroughly.

Through the diligence and hard work of my attorney, Michael Schulweaver, I was able to put the incident behind me after serving only 26 days in county jail. This was not a fun near-month, but I was able to pick up a few new followers there, as well as meeting some other professionals that I intend to collaborate with in the future. I am always better for having interacted with ordinary people who, typically, would never manage to get within 500 yards of my mansion’s gates. The benefits of spreading my message and hearing their concerns far outweigh the trouble of dealing with their poor command of words and horrible appearance.

Thus, I want to thank them, and all my readers and disciples for the kind emails, letters, and calls that my people took while I was away. You’re why I do this, and I owe you a small piece of my heart.

I dream of a world where you can be like me,

Brad Feiling, Vs D.