Power Words for August the 9th: TLC

Sometimes we don’t feel like doing anything. We open our eyes in the morning, and feel the urge, actually more like the pressing, unceasing need, to immediately close them and go back to sleep.

Today I felt that way. I didn’t give thought to my followers, or the effect that The Power Words has on their lives. I didn’t consider whether my actions might affect the day of someone who wakes in the morning and comes to this website in order to find direction and inspiration. I merely thought of myself, and my desire to lay still, making only a slight effort at turning the television on. The choice was clear: give in to selfishness and ignore the responsibility I have as a spiritual leader, or summon the courage to face the footwork of life even though my temporary wants might say to do otherwise.

I chose the first option. My servants brought a breakfast to me of pancakes and syrup, but it seemed too complex an operation to eat the meal, so I just turned the plate over and dumped the whole onto the bedsheets, making them stained and sticky. I buzzed the intercom, demanding the servants return and change the sheets, while not disturbing my position in the bed. This process was complicated, and made more difficult for the servants by my persistent yelling at them during it.

What can you, the student, learn from this story? I don’t care. For the moment, I am still rich. If you’re looking for advice, try to be a good person and have only a positive effect on the world today, I guess. I am going to turn the air conditioning very high so I can fully enjoy my expensive animal skin blankets, and watch pornography. Some days, you really need to focus on enjoying the maximum of what life offers.

Power Words:

Today, do whatever you want. It’s really not my problem. Everything is a miracle wearing a light-cape.

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